To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance

Lovin' Life!

A couple of months ago, I heard Christine Arrylo speak about doing a 40 days of self-love practice. I decided to try it, and shared my techniques with my friends each day. They seemed to really enjoy them, so I thought I would continue them here! Perhaps you’ll be inspired to try some of them for your self.

When I started my 40 days of self-love practice, I was pretty down on myself physically. I was overweight, low energy, had depression and high cholesterol.The Doc said that if my cholesterol didn’t come down, I would need to go on medication.  She gave me 3 months to bring it down through lifestyle changes. I started exercising everyday for at least 30 minutes whether I feel like it or not. I drink at least 8 glasses of water, a green smoothie, and 2 shots of Mona Vie everyday. I have upped my oats, cinnamon, garlic and cayenne pepper intake. I also planted an organic garden.

I took many big steps toward greater health, and I didn’t slack because I was determined to stay off the meds. I am happy to say that the actions I took actually WORKED! My cholesterol came down over 30 points in 3 months, and I wont have to take a prescription drug every day! I also have more energy, less depression, and I have lost a bit of weight.  The best thing is that all of these good habits have become a permanent part of my life!

I want to take this opportunity to praise myself for rising to this challenge with such determination and perseverance. As I take care of myself each day in these ways, I can’t help but love myself in the process.  When I speak of self-love, I don’t mean narcissism. I mean loving myself as my own best friend. I mean loving myself well, so that I am able to love the world well.